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Equipping people of all ages and backgrounds with the insight tools to discover, develop, and deploy their strengths is the central mission of Dr. Anthony “Tony” Marchese. Whether addressing business leaders at a convention, facilitating a leadership retreat with educators, or engaging university freshmen in a First Year Seminar, Marchese’s zealous plea is consistent, “Stop living another person’s life! In the vast history of the world inhabited by billions of diverse individuals, only one ‘you’ has ever existed. Grant yourself and the world a gift by being ‘you’. Use your unique Design to leave a positive, lasting mark upon the world!’ Merging meaningful stories with compelling scholarship, Marchese encourages everyone to consider the leadership of oneself the most important prerequisite to effectively leading others. Dr. Anthony J. Marchese has more than twenty years of leadership experience in corporations, universities, and churches. He holds a Ph.D. in organizational leadership, an MLA in philosophy and religion, a B.S. in religion, and has completed postdoctoral studies in negotiation, change-leadership, law, and human resources management. Marchese received academic credentials from UCLA, Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, Regent University, and Lee University. Marchese has published numerous articles in research journals and presented at national conferences in the areas of organizational change, human motivation, the inner life of the leader, student engagement, and the relationship of the liberal arts to human flourishing.

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